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來源:天任考研  |  更新時間:2022-11-11 15:27:52  |  關鍵詞: 北京航空航天大學 英語翻譯基礎真題試卷

天任考研小編為大家整理了“2018年北京航空航天大學英語翻譯基礎真題試卷 ”相關內容,為考生們翻譯碩士考研復習提供幫助。



題型有:1. 詞語翻譯 2. 英漢互譯






1. undertranslation




2. reader-oriented machine translation




3. covert translation




4. inter-semiotic translation




5. descriptive translation study




6. formal correspondence




7. signed language interpreting




8. instrumental translation






正確答案:國際會議口譯員協會(International Association of Conference Interpreters)  


10. domesticating translation




11. parallel corpus




12. selective translation




13. fuzzy language




14. translation direction




15. class shift






16. 語際翻譯


正確答案:interlingual translation  


17. 顯性翻譯


正確答案:overt translation  


18. 文獻型翻譯


正確答案:documentary translation  


19. 翻譯腔




20. 文化移植


正確答案:cultural transplantation  


21. 交際翻譯


正確答案:communicative translation  


22. 信息型文本


正確答案:informative text  


23. 耳語傳譯


正確答案:whispered interpreting  


24. 編譯




25. 圖表翻譯


正確答案:diagrammatic translation  


26. 結構轉換


正確答案:structure shift  


27. 翻譯普遍特征


正確答案:translation universals  


28. 連貫




29. 超語言特征


正確答案:extralinguistic features  


30. 濫譯


正確答案:abusive translation  






31.    After all, human beings have proven uniquely capable of interpreting the world around us and using the information we pick up to effect change. If we want to build machines to help us do this more efficiently, then it makes sense to use ourselves as a blueprint. Research into applied, specialized AI is already providing breakthroughs in fields of study from quantum physics where it is used to model and predict the behavior of systems comprised of billions of subatomic particles, to medicine where it being used to diagnose patients based on genomic data. Generalized AI is a bit further off—to carry out a complete simulation of the human brain would require both a more complete understanding of the organ than we currently have, and more computing power than is commonly available to researchers.


正確答案:   畢竟,人類已被證明是唯一能夠解釋周圍世界,并利用所掌握信息改變世界的生物。如果我們想借助機器來幫助我們更高效地實現這個目的,我們就應該拿自己作為制造藍圖。針對應用型、專業化的人工智能的研究已在量子物理、醫學等眾多研究領域獲得突破。在量子物理領域,人工智能已被用來模仿、預測由數十億亞原子粒子組成的系統的表現;而在醫學領域,人工智能已被用來基于基因組數據診斷病人。通用型人工智能的發展則有些任重道遠——實現對人腦的完全模擬需要我們比當前更全面地了解人腦,也需要研究者掌握較通常所需更強大的計算能力。  


32.    Love is an emotional process; compatibility is a logical process. And the two don’t bleed into one another very well. It’s possible to fall in love with somebody who doesn’t treat us well, who makes us feel worse about ourselves, who doesn’t hold the same respect for us as we do for them, or who has such a dysfunctional life themselves that they threaten to bring us down with them. It’s possible to fall in love with somebody who has different ambitions of life goals that are contradictory to our own, who holds different philosophical beliefs or worldviews that clash with our own sense of reality.


正確答案:   愛是個情感過程,相配則是個邏輯過程,兩者無法很好地彼此滲透。我們可能會愛上一個待我們不好的人,一個讓我們自我感覺更糟糕的人,一個沒有給予我們同等尊重的人,或是一個自身生活混亂不堪、甚至要將我們也拉下水的人。我們還可能會愛上一個生活抱負與我們截然相反的人,一個哲學觀念或世界觀與我們的現實感相沖突的人。  


33.    First announced in 2013, the “Belt and Road” initiative is an essential part of China’s domestic economic rebalancing, and of its outbound ambitions. The initiative entails ploughing billions of dollars into the hardware—railways, highways and ports—that links China and the dozens of countries to its west and south. The goal is to encourage more cross-border trade while putting excess capacities to work. The impact on the software of financing will also be significant: the vast amounts of money needed to meet Asia’s infrastructure needs will inject fresh momentum into the region’s capital markets.


正確答案:   2013年首次提出的“一帶一路”倡議是中國國內經濟再平衡及其海外抱負的重要組成部分。該倡議涉及數十億美元的硬件投資,包括鐵路、公路、港口,以連接中國與其以西、以南的數十個國家。其目標是促進跨境貿易,同時盤活中國的過剩產能。該倡議對融資這一軟件的影響也是巨大的:滿足亞洲基礎設施建設所需的大量資金將為該地區的資本市場注入新的動力。  




34.    電池技術的快速發展對電動汽車更有利。瑞銀(UBS)估計,到明年,擁有一輛電動汽車的總成本將與燃油汽車持平——雖然電動車制造商仍然會虧錢。瑞銀樂觀地預測,到2025年,電動汽車將占全球汽車銷量的14%。其他機構的預測更加謹慎,但也都匆忙上調了預期,因為電池成本降低、性能提升——每千瓦時的成本已經從2010年的1000美元降至今天的130至200美元.


正確答案:   Rapid gains in battery technology favor electric motors. UBS, a bank, reckons the total cost of ownership of an electric car will reach parity with a petrol one next year—albeit at a loss to its manufacturer. It optimistically predicts electric vehicles will make up 14% of global car sales by 2025. Others have more modest forecasts, but are hurriedly revising them upwards as batteries get cheaper and better—the cost per kilowatt-hour has fallen from $1,000 in 2010 to $130-200 today.  


35.    谷歌決心挑戰蘋果和亞馬遜(亞馬遜也開發自己的在線音樂業務)。今年年初,谷歌推出了Music Beta服務。該服務僅限于美國市場,允許消費者將歌曲上傳至谷歌服務器的一個數字“保險柜”,然后就可以在任一臺聯網的個人電腦或任何使用其安卓操作系統的移動裝置上收聽這些歌曲,該服務允許人們在谷歌“云端”免費存儲多達20 000首歌曲,是更大的“谷歌音樂”服務的組成部分。


正確答案:   Google’s determined to take on Apple and Amazon. Amazon is also developing an online-music business of its own. Earlier this year, Google launched Music Beta, a service limited to the American market that lets consumers upload songs to a digital “ locker” on its servers and then listen to them on any PC with a web connection or any mobile device using the search firm’s Android operating system. This service , which lets people store up to 20,000 songs free in Google’s computing “ cloud” , will form part of the company’s broader Google Music offering.  


36.    2016年,美國婦女兒童老年人權利保障狀況堪憂,女性收入大幅低于男性,頻繁遭受性騷擾和性侵犯,兒童貧困率居高不下,虐待老人事件時有發生。性別收入差距明。2016年,在工作量同等的情況下,美國女性平均薪資大幅低于男性。紐約市政府部門的女性薪資比男性低18%;圣迭戈(San Diego)主管層人員中,薪資性別差距甚至更大。


正確答案:   The situation of protection of rights of women, children and elders in the United States was worrisome in 2016. Women were paid much less compared to their male colleagues who do the same work, and they frequently fell victims to sexual harassment and assault Poverty rate among children remained high and cases of elder abuse happened from time to time. Gender pay gaps remained large. An a-nalysis found women were paid much less compared to their male colleagues who do the same work in 2016. Women with city government jobs in New York made 18 percent less than men.Gender pay gap among supervisor staff in San    Diego was even wider.  



以上是天任考研小編為大家帶來的“2018年北京航空航天大學英語翻譯基礎真題試卷 ”,希望考生們都能備考順利,考上自己心儀的院校。更多翻譯碩士知識點總結敬請關注考研備考欄目。

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